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Welcome to Balance With Colour

Achieve harmony and reduce stress with Balance With Colour's simple, Nature-inspired practices.

Are you navigating through a hectic life, feeling the weight of stress and seeking a harmonious balance? You’ve arrived at the right place. Balance With Colour is a transformative journey back to Nature, designed to infuse your daily routine with tranquillity and purpose.

Balance With Colour in a Nutshell

BWC is for young and old, no matter what culture or creed. So why not try it? The effect is clear even after just one or two days as long as it is about self-improvement. It is so easy to learn.

In the evening, choose a colour, say green

Think of something in Nature that is of that
colour and how it behaves to survive and thrive, say a tree full of green leaves.

Note what messages come to mind when you think of how that tree lives. Choose a positive action word that comes to your mind, like strong, standing firm in all weathers (mostly!). Focus on being strong yourself the following day no matter what challenges you are faced with. Having a colour and its positive action word in mind first thing each morning, you avoid dwelling on negativity. You have that positive attitude for the whole day.

In the eveningrecord in your journal/diary how focusing on that purposeful action word  has worked for you. What challenges you overcame that day. How you feel about that. This builds confidence and empathy. Then choose your colour and word for the following day.

Follow the same process for the next day, making sure you choose another colour and word. This also builds your vocabulary of positive words and your repertoire of purposeful actions.

Imagine doing this together as a family. What conversations could open up, sharing experiences (all kinds of experiences): great family communication while having fun learning about Nature, improving your vocabulary, and appreciating our natural environment. 

Later, going for walks together while observing how Nature survives and thrives, working together and gaining confidence and connections. To learn, and how to share, BWC study our website [email protected]

What We Offer

At Balance With Colour, we harness the serene power of Nature to craft a unique and simple practice that restores equilibrium to your thoughts and emotions. Through a carefully curated selection of short videos, books, and learning aids, we share the profound simplicity of Balance With Colour. This technique is as enriching as it is accessible.

Balance With Colour is built on the principle of simplicity and inclusivity. Our method is easy to learn, requiring only a few days to become a habitual source of balance in your life. It’s a practice that fits seamlessly into any schedule, demanding minimal setup time each day, and is free from ongoing costs.

Our distinctiveness lies in our foundational return to Nature, learning lessons directly from the environment around us. This approach is universally accessible, transcending age, nationality, and culture, fostering a communal respect for our planet and all its inhabitants. Our comprehensive benefits aid personal development, family welfare, social and professional group enhancement, enrichment of our school curricula, and encourage a collective responsibility towards environmental stewardship and positive community engagement.

The Benefits of Balance With Colour

Start each day with a positive mindset, steering clear of depressive thoughts.

Embrace a free practice inspired by the Natural world. This is not colour therapy. 

Suitable for all ages, enhancing individual and collective well-being.
Easily integrate this habit into your daily life, positively enriching your language and actions.

Foster a deeper connection with Nature, promoting sustainable living and healthy outdoor activities.

The daily routine of balance with colour will prevent anyone from being overwhelmed. 


Imagine waking up in the morning, and the first thing you think about is the colour in Nature that you had chosen the night before. You then remember where you saw that colour in a natural setting and the positive action word that came to your mind, and you know how you will use that word to apply to your actions for the rest of the day. To ensure you remember all that, you put on your wristband, or you might choose to wear something in that colour. This all only took you a few minutes to do, but it will stay with you for the rest of the day to keep your thinking in balance. You relax and focus on the positive action purpose you had chosen, stay calm all that day, and make wise decisions. Balance With Colour is your tool for doing this, thanks to Nature. In the evening, you record how you went for the day. Record what you did and how about your efforts. This easily and quickly becomes a daily habit for you to reflect and learn as you build your self-worth, confidence and empathy. You have gained knowledge and understanding of nature, improved your vocabulary, and now appreciate your Natural environment more. You had fun doing it, especially sharing Balance With Colour with others.

Our Story

Welcome to Balance With Colour, founded by Lorraine Roberts, a former educationalist who turned her profound insights and personal experiences into a healing practice. After retiring and establishing Maju Publications in 2002 to publish memoirs and over 30 impactful books, Lorraine was moved by the widespread negativity affecting mental well-being. Inspired by her own challenges and a desire to foster social justice and child protection, she developed Balance With Colour—a Nature-based technique to restore mental equilibrium. This simple yet transformative practice, aimed at combating the stress and depression prevalent in today’s fast-paced world, is designed for individuals of all ages. It encourages reconnecting with Nature’s serene beauty to achieve inner peace. Balance With Colour is more than a technique; it’s a movement towards embracing a harmonious life, accessible to everyone seeking solace and balance amidst chaos.

Recommendations & Endorsements

Thank you, Lorraine, for the opportunity to read A Journey of Discovery.
I loved it. It transported me back to a slower world and life that appreciated community, respect for each other and the simplicity of family and friendship. Also the concept of choosing colour and positive words for each day is amazing.

Leigh Phelan

Dear Lorraine and Bob Roberts
The biggest message of all in the book was I personally feel, connection to place of country, including family, colour e.g. nature, and being present to listen to each other. The effect on the frontal cortex in the brain is immense when all of the above is achieved, which is connection to our higher self and is the opposite of being in flight and fight, which is the Amygdala or brain stem.
Thank you again for giving me the chance to read and be a character in your book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Lots of love to you both
Sharon xo


It (BWC) was an engaging adventure, relevant, integrated well with simple everyday events, and fun for the family.
The activities focused on the here and now opening a new appreciation of the world of colour around us and a
pleasantly embracing vehicle to communicate daily each others' feelings, and observations.

Alison Barry-Jones

Former mayor of the Sunshine Coast

Discover the Balance With Colour technique and share it with others through our books and teaching aids.