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Having Empathy

It is not fair for some children to be robbed of their joy and fun that only comes from being a child. They will cope the best way they can and also discover for themselves the challenges that are life. However, children can also feel and react to the pressures that are transmitted to them through grown-ups, and what they see and hear. The best way to protect our children and earn the respect we deserve as adults is to teach our children about empathy; and we can do this by setting good examples. We need a balanced way of thinking to cope with our day-to-day problems, that everything on planet Earth has to face, because our planet Earth is designed (or created) that way, and because we all depend on and live off each other. Colour is there to guide us and teach us empathy, understanding and acceptance to bring balance back into our lives. If we sometimes feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious, feel frustrated and confused because we are overloaded with too much information, scaremongering and negativity, imagine a child trying to cope with this burden we place on them! To deal with our day-to-day challenges and get our thinking back into balance, we need to build up positive words by using the Balance With Colour technique by Lorraine and Dr Bob Roberts. Give our children back their joy and happy childhood; we also at the same time will save our planet Earth for future generations.