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Dr Doe Lang PhD

Our first endorsement came from Dr Doe Lang (a famous author, singer, actress e.g. Doe Lang is an actress, known for The Edge of Night (1956) and As the World Turns (1956) and pianist, and much more) in New York. We were close friends from the time we met through a mutual friend over the internet in 2019. Our initial connection was that she, like Lorrane and I, had lost a child in tragic circumstances. This is her response when we sent her a copy of Balance With Colour: To avoid sliding into depression.

Doe Lang is the president of the New York-based image-consulting firm Charismedia. In addition to performing in Broadway and off-Broadway theatres, she has had long running roles at As The World Turns and other soaps, performed and sung with Leonard Bernstein on Omnibus, and appeared on Letterman, What’s My Line, and other major TV shows. She has authored many self-help books, the most popular being The New Secrets of Charisma.