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FINDING BALANCE WITH COLOUR IN NATURE A natural path to inner peace


Published initially with Matters Magazine.

Our world is stressful. Negativity seems to pervade every aspect of our lives, and the need for inner calm and balance has never been more apparent. Stress affects us in business, our family life, social interactions, and the education of our children. Lifestyle coaches Lorraine and Dr. Bob Roberts, offers a simple yet effective technique grounded in Nature to help us regain our equilibrium called Balance With Colour (BWC).

The Birth Of Balance With Colour

Lorraine and Bob discovered the power of BWC during a period of personal trauma and grief, compounded by everyday stress. They needed a tool to manage their feelings of hopelessness, one that was accessible and wouldn’t add to their stress. Lorraine turned to Nature for inspiration. By focusing on a single colour in Nature each day, such as the green leaves of a tree, she found that positive words naturally surfaced in her mind – growth, abundance, protect, anchored, empathy and strong. This enabled her to shift her focus away from the overwhelming negativity and distractions that surround her daily.

Lorraine and Bob experienced profound benefits of BWC in their lives and felt compelled to share this discovery with others. Their first book, Balance With Colour: To Avoid Sliding into Depression, was born from this passion.

A Technique For All

Lorraine’s dedication to helping children affected by Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) made her realise the universal applicability of the BWC technique. Regardless of age, creed, culture, or background, BWC can benefit anyone. It’s easy to learn and seamlessly integrates into daily routines.

To further assist various groups, a BWC guidebook was developed. It offers detailed instructions on how to utilise BWC to combat bullying, address men’s mental health issues, strengthen family bonds, and integrate BWC into school curricula for any grade level. The guidebook includes samples of support materials and a presenter’s manual.

Feedback from a trial of the BWC technique implemented by SunnyKids at a local primary school was overwhelmingly positive.

One facilitator says, “The children who partook in the program responded in the most unpredictable, but heart-warming ways. The program enabled many deep and meaningful conversations and connections between the children, about animals and Nature. We encouraged the children to take these new characteristics home to their families and other friends outside of school.”

A parent commented, “My children demonstrated genuine enthusiasm and interest in the program. The concept of utilising Nature and colour association as a means of navigating life challenges resonated with them strongly, encouraging them to transform difficulties into positive outcomes.”

Recognising the importance of making BWC fun and easily adaptable to daily activities, Lorraine authored fictional storybooks, A Journey of Discovery and Colour in Nature.

A Tool For Business And Beyond

Understanding the challenges faced in various areas of life, including the business world, Lorraine and Bob believe that the BWC concept and technique holds significant value. Their experiences have shown that treating others empathetically and respectfully creates a more pleasant and productive atmosphere, both in the workplace and at home. To facilitate the adoption of BWC in the business community, they designed an A1-sized set of posters and a presenter’s handbook for training and teaching purposes. Additionally, they offer a BWC meditation video that provides relaxation and allows individuals to focus on their chosen colour and word for the day.

The Balance With Colour technique offers a unique and accessible way for people from all walks of life to regain balance, positivity, and empathy in today’s stressful world. Lorraine and Bob’s commitment to sharing this powerful tool highlights their dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals, families, and communities. Together, we can all find balance and harmony in our lives and at the same time, protect our planet.