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The Balance With Colour Journal

This Balance With Colour Journal completed the Balance With Colour package of books and accessories: designed to help anyone, of any age, anywhere to avoid sliding into depression when times get overwhelming. This book provides simple, time-and cost economic advice on the journaling process.

Journaling is an ancient art that has helped societies down the ages to improve their lifestyles. It is particularly important in today’s changing world. It enables us to keep control of our lives by recording our actions and outcomes on which we are then able to reflect and learn as we go along. Look back and learn is a good motto.

The authors use this particular journal design personally and it works well for them. The reader, of course, may choose any format that suits, though a one-year journal is recommended, as long as it collects that valuable information, day-by-day or week-by-week, and contains a regular, perhaps monthly, summary of reflections and learnings, from which we are able to improve our lives.