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About Us: The Journey of Balance with Colour

Welcome to the heart of Balance with Colour, a concept born from the rich tapestry of life experiences, dedicated scholarship, and a deep-rooted desire to bring harmony and colour into the lives of individuals across the globe. Our story is not just about a technique; it’s about a movement towards embracing Nature’s innate ability to heal and balance our inner worlds.

Our Journey

Our voyage into the realm of personal well-being and community service began with Lorraine Roberts’, a seasoned educationalist with a distinguished career as a school teacher and teacher’s aide. Post-retirement, the quest for meaningful engagement led Lorraine and her husband Bob to establish Maju Publications in 2002, a platform dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich narratives of people’s lives through memoirs.

Lorraine’s prolific writing journey, marked by the creation of over 30 books, has been a testament to her unwavering commitment to social justice, child protection, and empowering individuals through knowledge and empathy. Her works, available through the national library and directly from their website, are a beacon for those seeking insight and inspiration.

A Personal Turn Towards Balance

It was during a period of personal upheaval, amidst the cacophony of media negativity and societal challenges in 2019, that Lorraine found herself on the brink of despair. This experience, however, became the crucible for innovation. Recognising the pervasive impact of external chaos on mental well-being, Lorraine envisaged a method to reclaim inner peace and equilibrium. Thus, the concept of Balance with Colour was born—a simple yet profound practice designed to realign our thoughts with the harmonious rhythms of Nature.

Balance with Colour: A Universal Beacon of Hope

The transformative power of this technique was immediate and compelling, driving Lorraine and Bob to share this gift with the world. “Balance With Colour: To avoid sliding into depression,” the inaugural book in a series dedicated to this cause, laid the foundational stone for what is becoming a global movement. Our practice transcends age, culture, and lifestyle, offering a universal solution for individuals, families, educational institutions, and professional environments to find solace in the positive messages colour in nature bring to mind.

Our Commitment to You

At Balance with Colour, our mission extends beyond the pages of our books and the boundaries of personal development workshops. We are here to offer a sanctuary for the mind and spirit, a place where the weary can find rest and the disenchanted can rediscover the vibrancy of life. Our commitment is to nurture a community where every individual, especially the children who will inherit our world, can thrive in these tumultuous times.

Join Our Colourful Journey

We invite you to be part of this ever-expanding circle of balance and brightness. Through our shared practices and the stories encapsulated in our publications, we can collectively embark on a path of healing, understanding, and profound transformation. Welcome to Balance with Colour—where the journey back to your true self begins with a single hue.

Introducing Lorraine Roberts

Lorraine Roberts is a fourth-generation Australian who was raised as an Indonesian. Brought up in Indonesia, on her return to Australia at the age of twenty, with her mother and five sisters, she experienced the same problems many migrants face: speaking little English and coping with culture shock. Two years after returning to live in Australia, Lorraine met Bob, who was teaching at a nearby school that two of her sisters attended. They married in Melbourne and travelled extensively before settling in Queensland, Australia. While living overseas, Lorraine often served as an ‘ambassador’ explaining multicultural lifestyles to groups wherever there was an interest. Finally settling back in Australia, Lorraine became aware of a driving force within her to write her story, and her extensive research into family history enabled her to solve the dilemma of her true identity and write fourteen volumes of her family history, titled Lorraine Who?

She has a heartfelt concern about family and community cohesion. She is an activist in areas of social issues, such as domestic violence, homelessness, and migrant assimilation, and has frequently written letters and sent papers suggesting improvements to key people who deal with those matters of public welfare. Lorraine has also written eclectically in other genres, such as four novellas for children and parents, highlighting ethical and social issues, and a trilogy of books of poetry, wise sayings, and short stories expressing her philosophy and feelings. The constant negativity and scaremongering that caused so much stress came on top of suffering grief and trauma and realising that she was in danger of sliding into depression. Lorraine decided she needed to regain her thinking, so Balance With Colour was born. Copies of Lorraine’s books are in the National Library in Canberra and the State Library in Brisbane and are on Amazon and the Kindle bookshelf and on our website AND 

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Introducing Dr Bob Roberts

Dr Bob Roberts was born and educated near Liverpool in England. After gaining his initial teacher qualifications from Oxford University and teaching Mathematics and English for two years in England, he taught in secondary schools in Australia, Kenya, and Papua New Guinea. Dr. Bob has had considerable experience in curriculum development and teacher education: serving for six years as Papua New Guinea’s Senior Curriculum Officer for Mathematics, developing teaching programmes, and teaching aids, producing national examinations, and providing teacher in-service education; and further four years were spent as a Mathematics Consultant for the Queensland Education Department on the Sunshine Coast, implementing a new Mathematics curriculum. He was also a member of the Queensland Teachers’ Union Professional Development Committee for many years, and he also assisted in work for the Sunshine Coast Gifted and Talented Children’s Association.