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SunnyKids Sunshine Coast

We were extremely excited to support the Balance with Colour program, a creative initiative specifically designed to help young children develop a strong sense of connection with nature and promote overall well-being. The results of this program have been incredible, with over 66 per cent of children feeling they had developed an increased connection with nature and over 63 per cent identifying they would like to learn more.

We know the important role that nature plays in helping children build a positive sense of self-worth and connection, especially when experiencing hardship. Through exploration, the children in the program were encouraged to develop an awareness of their environment, identify various colour associations, and explore different emotions. We know firsthand how crucial it is for children to adopt these mindful practices, to help reduce their overall stress levels and manage their feelings and emotions. 

The Balance with Colour program is a brilliant initiative that presents children with creative opportunities, while in nature, to develop an awareness of their feelings and emotions. The program facilitators provide a safe and nurturing space for emotional exploration and creativity, offering children practical daily actions to help reduce stress and build overall confidence. We truly believe it takes a village to raise a child, which is why supporting educational programs such as Balance with Colour, are such an integral part of our philosophy in helping children reach their full potential. 

Kathleen Hope

CEO, SunnyKids 

SunnyKids Staff Responses