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BWC is for young and old, no matter what culture or creed. So why not try it, the effect is clear to see even after just one or two days. As long as it is about self-improvement. It is so easy to learn.
• In the evening, choose a colour, say green
• Think of something in Nature that is of that
colour and how it behaves to survive and thrive, say a tree full of green leaves.
• Note what messages come to mind when you think of how that tree lives. Choose a positive action word that comes to your mind, like strong, standing firm in all weathers (mostly!). Focus on being strong yourself the following day no matter what challenges you are faced with. Having a colour and its positive action word in mind first thing each morning, you avoid dwelling on negativity. You have that positive attitude for the whole day.
• In the evening record in your journal/diary how that has worked for you. What challenges you overcame that day. How you feel about that. This builds confidence and empathy.
• Follow the same process for the next day, making sure you choose another colour and word. This also builds your vocabulary of positive words and your repertoire of purposeful actions.
Imagine doing this together as a family. What conversations that could open up, sharing experiences (all kinds of experiences): great family communication while having fun learning about Nature, improving your vocabulary, appreciating our natural environment. Later, going for walks together, while observing how Nature survives and thrives, working together gaining confidence and connections. To learn, and how to share, BWC study our website [email protected]

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