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Balance With Colour: Guide

The Balance With Colour Guide is a follow-on from the book Balance With Colour: To avoid sliding into depression. This guide describes in more detail how colours in Nature can help to remind us to focus on positive thoughts, words, and actions that can bring balance into our lives when negativity is overwhelming us. It contains sections giving notes and advice to individuals, parents, teachers, and social and professional groups on how to attain and promote personal growth and character development to build confidence, self-worth, and empathy in a fun and educational way. At the same time, we learn to appreciate and care for our natural environment, and all on our planet Earth. We are all part of Nature. A range of materials to support the learning, use, and teaching of Balance With Colour is available and is described and easy to follow. The aim of this book is to make Balance with Colour an accessible tool for anyone, young or old, of any creed or culture, who needs to achieve balance in their thinking and their life. Colour is a gift from Nature and can enable us to stay positive as we tackle our day-to-day stresses.

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